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What's the difference between 'Just Add Water' and instant coffee?

One of the questions we get all the time from our community is, "What's the difference between Three Capes 'Just Add Water' and instant coffee?

Three Capes compared to instant coffee
Here's the best and simplest way we can help answer it.
There are 3 big reasons most instant coffee tastes like 🗑 instead of coffee.
1. Poor quality coffee. The goal of the big companies is to produce instant as cheaply as possible. So naturally, they source the cheapest possible coffee beans.
☕️The Tripod difference: we use single origin co-op farmed Ethiopian beans. Some of the best quality in the world.
2. Over extraction. Big companies try to squeeze as much coffee liquid as possible from their beans leaving a more bitter taste.
☕️The Tripod difference: we extract for flavour! Our goal is to pull as much of the florals and sweets from the beans as possible.
3. Spray drying. This is the heat and chemical process that makes the instant coffee solid. It also removes flavour and aroma.
☕️The Tripod difference: we use freeze drying, which actual preserves the best of flavours and aromas.
Try our newest Three Capes coffee if you’d love a delicious cup of coffee that brews as fast as your kettle boils.