The Mission

To inspire sustainable living - compostable nespresso compatible coffee capsules

We execute this mission by using compostable coffee pods (and the collection of those pods) to regenerate the earth instead of pollute it. With an estimated 3 million coffee pods added to landfill every day in Australia this is a problem worth solving.

Our values drive us to make sustainable living convenient, cost effective, and empowering for community. 

Here are some stats on how we're living our values:

- 100% Australian Certified Compostable, capsule (Australia's first to be certified)

- Our exclusive Pod-to-Plant™ Returns Program produces over 30 kilograms of high-density, nutrient-rich, fertiliser a month, as well as generates of enough electricity to brew over 600 pod coffees per month

- Our Pod-to-Plant™ Returns Program is net zero cost to you: when you pay $10, we discount you $10 on your next purchase

- Curate Australia's Open Source Green Bin Guide to clarify local councils' waste recycling programs

- Profit share with Rainforest Rescue, a local Non-for-Profit, donating a percentage of our profits to restoring land in the Daintree Rainforest - donating 88 trees in the last 6 months

- Carbon Neutral shipping across Australia

- For-Purpose Loyalty Program offering you the ability to plant trees with your loyalty points

Thank you for supporting us and our earth. We sincerely hope you enjoy our coffee.