4 Tips On How To Reduce Caffeine Intake

4 Tips On How To Reduce Caffeine Intake

Most of us have probably been there… we risk that fifth cup of arvo coffee and the warm, comforting boost of caffeine we’re expecting instead gives us the shakes and a night staring at the ceiling. Even though there can be loads of health benefits from coffee, and even caffeine sometimes we just need a break.

Why Reduce Caffeine Intake?

Reducing caffeine intake can results in numerous health benefits, including improved sleep quality, decreased anxiety and jitteriness, more stable energy levels, better digestive health, lowered heart rate and blood pressure, decreased dependency and withdrawal symptoms, healthier teeth, and potential weight management. And one clear and obvious change: the ability to save more money.

By moderating caffeine consumption, you can mitigate the negative effects associated with excessive intake, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

So whether or not you feel as if your dependency on coffee is a bit… much (we’re not here to judge!) or you’re just looking to have a better sleep at night, here are four tips on how to reduce caffeine intake.

Tip #1: Reduce your caffeine intake… slowly

Don’t try to cold turkey this one! If you’ve developed quite the caffeine dependency, your body might fight you if you stop giving it coffee all at once. You might get withdrawal symptoms like headaches, getting the crankies (have some apology texts written and ready to go!) and (probably the most obvious one) feeling extra tired.

Being mindful to gradually reduce your coffees from, say, four a day, down to three, and the next week down to two, is a much more enjoyable way for you to cut down (and your coworkers will probably be grateful, too). Or, if you normally get a large, try a small on for size. Pro tip here: find a smaller cup that you absolutely love so you're forced to reduce the quantity.

Tip #2: Replace coffee with something else (or go decaf!)

So while you’re cutting down on coffees, you might still feel the urge to take a “coffee break” or drink something warm and soothing (especially in winter!). Spiced chai lattes and herbal teas, are great alternatives to coffee and can still be great social bevvies. No one is going to think twice if you get the fancy chai latte at your local coffee joint during your next get together - in fact, they’ll probably be jealous by how good it looks!

Last but not least, DECAF coffee is a thing! And we might have one of the best tasting decaf pod coffees in Australia (read the reviews!). Decaf coffee still contains a very small amount of caffeine, but it’s pretty negligible (about 2-7mg) compared to your average cuppa (anywhere between 40-80mg). Try our yum decaf pods at home, or ask for your flat white decaf next time you’re out.

Tip #3: Check out the ingredients list

Did you know lots of things, not just coffee, contain caffeine? Chocolate, black and green tea, soft drinks, pre-workout, energy drinks, and even medications are often guilty of having the stuff.

That’s because caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in loads of plants (like your teas and cacao), as well as gives you a boost for your workouts or helps medications work more efficiently in your body. So if you’re feeling extra sensitive or looking for a total caffeine detox, stick to water and herbal teas and make sure you’re giving the ingredients list of your aspirin a lil peruse before trying to get rid of your headache!

Tip #4: Change up your routine

Try something new! Change can be good, and maybe it’s time to switch up your daily routine! If you’re used to pressing “start” on the coffee machine first thing in the morning, maybe try a glass of hot water instead.

Or take a walk around the block when you would normally go out for a coffee in the middle of the workday. And if you love a good short black in the evening after dinner, check out some fancy hot chocolates or maybe even a gin or whiskey to give you a warm feeling in your stomach.

Reducing Caffeine Intake With Tripod Coffee

We’re not here to tell you how to live your life, or what you should do regarding caffeine intake. However, if you’ve had enough caffeine for a while, hopefully these tips and tricks to reducing your caffeine can help you stay off the coffee should you so choose.

And if you don’t want to give up coffee completely, decaf coffee pods are where you need to look. Check out our White Peak Decaf Coffee Pods. They are fully compostable and well-loved by our community. Happy drinking!