Biodegradable Tea Bags


      Tripod's selection of Biodegradable Tea Bags, featuring Teapigs is your ultimate eco-friendly tea solution. Say goodbye to saying "where to buy biodegradable tea bags?" – we've got you covered with our range of Teapigs Tea sustainable tea bags.

      Crafted with sustainability in mind, Teapigs' biodegradable tea bags feature a transparent mesh design that allows for maximum infusion, ensuring a flavourful tea experience every time. Made from ethically sourced high-grade whole tea leaves, our teas can be brewed to perfection whether you prefer them hot or cold.

      Our assortment invigorating flavours contains 50 tea temples in each pack. Plus, rest assured knowing that Teapig's cartons are crafted from sustainable paperboard, making them perfect for recycling and reducing environmental impact.

      Have the perfect cup of tea guilt-free, knowing that you're not only enjoying a premium blend but also making a positive impact on the planet with every sip. Discover the convenience and sustainability of Tripod's Biodegradable Tea Bags today.