Five Local Businesses Doing Good for the Planet — Our Sustainability Heroes

Five Local Businesses Doing Good for the Planet — Our Sustainability Heroes

Sustainability gets a lot of press… sometimes it can be hard to tell who’s actually walking the walk! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with Aussie brands we love that have sustainability at the core of their business! 

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 Who Gives a Crap

1) Who Gives a Crap

Why they make the cut:

  • 50% of profits are donated to help build toilets for people who don’t have them
  • Use of recycled and new materials like bamboo paper
  • Fun to buy and use!

You might have seen some eye-catching designs on the extra toilet paper rolls hanging out in the toilets at your mate’s place last time you visited. That extra-fun toilet paper you were using was probably Who Gives a Crap, a TP company that gives a crap about people worldwide having access to basic sanitation. Founders Simon Griffiths, Jehan Ratnatunga, and Danny Alexander developed their recycled toilet paper product with the goal of donating 50% of their profits to help build toilets in developing countries- and that’s exactly what they’ve done! The certified B-Corp has donated over $8.3 million to improve sanitation conditions around the world. So next time you’re running low on rolls, pick up some eye candy for your bathroom and know you’re doing good for the world… and your bum! (No inks, dyes, or scents found in these squares!)

Will and Bear

2) Will + Bear

Why we love them:

  • Use natural, biodegradable, and recycled fibres
  • Buy a hat and Will + Bear plant 10 trees 
  • Locally made
  • Focused on fostering outdoor community

Whilst traveling Australia in their vintage Kombi, Alex (Bear) and Loz (Will) were inspired by the people and the landscapes of their travels. Out of determination to give back to the nature that awed them on the road, Will + Bear was born. The mission “from the earth, for the earth” remains at the foundation of the iconic headwear company. Using natural, biodegradable, and recycled fibres (like Australian wool and recycled cotton, to name a few), Alex and Loz are committed to giving back to the planet and nurturing a culture of people that seek to love and preserve the beauty of the outdoors. The couple plants 10 trees for every hat sold and have planted over 200 acres of forest in Senegal, Africa since the founding of their business in 2016! They even just released a new line of hats specifically to raise money for United State’s national parks and Australian rainforests. Check out their Instagram for some inspo on planning your next holiday with some quality (and aesthetic) time outside.

Hobart Hideaway Pods


3) Hobart Hideaway Pods

Why they’re on the list:

  • They’re masters of the circular economy: use of upcycled materials from old Sydney buildings, use of composting toilets, and use of greywater systems
  • Powered with renewable energy
  • Gorgeous views of Hobart

Looking for an eco-friendly scenic getaway? Hobart Hideaway pods were designed specifically with the environment in mind! The two studio-style pods – “Pea” pod and “Vanilla” pod – were built from sustainably sourced materials and upcycled wood from an old industrial building in Sydney. Be treated to stunning views of the D’Entrecasteuax Channel through energy-efficient double-glazed windows, and stay warm during the cool Tasmanian evenings with solar heating systems. Another big win is the property’s composting toilet system with reed bed wastewater treatment systems; basically, this means thousands of litres of water are saved every year and no sewage is put back into Tassie waters. All this, and you’re just a short drive away from the foodie scene of Hobart, the Museum of Old and New Art, and dozens of nature walks! Book a stay and for each night that you book, money is given to Wildcare Tasmania, an organisation dedicated to conserving and preserving Tasmanian wildlife and culture.

frankie magazine

What they’re bringing to the table:

  • Redefined what content for women can be
  • Printed with vegetable ink on forest-safe paper
  • Discover new sustainable living practices

Say goodbye to glossy pages and hello to the vegetable-ink printed images of frankie! (Yes, with a lower-case f!) frankie covers all your fashion, art, photography, and interesting people needs on pages that are PEFC and FSC certified - aka, they’re forest friendly! Feast your eyes on articles talking about slow fashion, environmental consciousness, eco-friendly products, and how to live a more sustainable life in ways you might never have thought (like, renting sustainably? Who knew!). Women-started and women-ran, frankie goes the extra mile to bring sustainable practices to light and make sustainable living oh-so-much more obtainable for the everyday person… all while looking pretty.

Wilderbean Pasta
Image: Wilderbean


5) Wilderbean

Why you should switch to Wilderbean pasta:

  • Tick all the boxes and taste amazing: Legumes only, high in protein, locally sourced
  • Legumes come with an insanely low carbon footprint
  • Locally sourced ingredients and packaging
  • Zero plastic packaging 

Founded in Melbourne, Wilderbean is the first of its kind – pasta made of 100% Australian grown legumes. Not only are legumes the plant-based protein option of choice, but they happen to be one of the most sustainable foods on the planet! Thanks to their natural nitrogen fixation, legumes often don’t need fertilizers or large amounts of water to grow, so they don’t contribute to greenhouse gas emissions like other forms of protein. Wilderbean pasta also comes in completely recyclable and compostable packaging, eliminating plastic waste while keeping you full – and supporting the local economy through locally sourced ingredients and packaging printed right in Melbourne. Win-win-win! 

SUSTAINABLE COFFEE....👋  Tripod Coffee

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If you've stumbled across this and you aren't familiar with Tripod Coffee, we're Australia's most responsible online coffee brand :). Beyond delicious coffee (Nespresso® compatible pods and speciality instant coffee), we offer compostable pods with a complimentary composting program for used pods,  as well as various tree planting programs with purchase. Click around the site to learn more :).

With these Aussie brands forging the path to a more sustainable future, it’s becoming easier than ever to reduce your footprint. Do you support any sustainability heroes we didn’t mention? Let us know!