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Five Podcasts That Inspire Sustainable Living

If you're after sustainability inspiration, here are 5 podcasts (plus one additional, slightly off topic recommendation) on sustainability that we're loving at the moment: 


1. Sustainability Defined
If you have ever found yourself debating that climate-change-denier uncle and wished your climate change facts came a littler faster, this is your podcast. It's part education, part interview, and part inspiration. This podcast explores the definition of sustainability.

All episodes: Spotify

Favourite episode: 47) Soil Carbon with Jennifer Cooper and Jeff Bernicke (NativeEnergy) and Hana Kajimura (Allbirds)


2. Green Dreamer
Go deep into topics on ecological regeneration, intersectional sustainability, and true abundance and wellness. Where ever you're listening to Kaméa Chayne, you somehow feel like you're deep in the rainforest.

All episodes: Spotify

Favourite episode: 245) William Defebaugh of Atmos: Exploring the intricate balance between the flourishing and decay of life

Runner up: Episode 126) 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste and introducing this idea to friends and family.


3. Dumbo Feather
Podcasts are just a small part of the game this organisation plays. Dumbo Feather, in association to Small Giants, are on a mission to usher in the next-economy (a greener, more localised, healthy one) and their podcast gives readers a front row seat into their interviews with extraordinary people.

All episodes: Spotify

Favourite episode: 28) Sounds of the wild  (ps. this is not your typical podcast. Find a quiet and comfy place to enjoy the intimacy of the sounds of the wild.) 


4. Climactic
This podcast digs beneath the surface to pull through game-changing ideas, research and stories from the climate activist community. Climactic is one part podcast, another part Podcast Network - so there's plenty of fora in this forest.

All episodes (Spotify)

Favourite episode: Joelle Gergis: Climate Scientist Author and Troubled Sleeper


5. Life on Planet A
A podcast about sustainability, the environment, politics and all the craziness that’s going on in the world. You’ll hear it all from the perspective of a Bella the marine ecologist and Heidi the sustainability consultant. 

All episodes: Spotify

Favourite episode: 15) The Living Wardrobe with Dr Jo Cramer Part 2

Runner up (we might be bias but at least we're humble?): 18) Deliciously Sustainable Coffee with Tripod Coffee


And if you feel like something equally awesome, but not entirely focussed on environmental sustainable, here's one more recommendation.

6. The Social Distance Pod
This is one of those podcasts where you become a fly on the wall of the most comfortable, warm, cosy living room, and you just get to relax. No place to be. Nowhere to go. Chill out and enjoy.

"Mems (Maiah) is in your ears, talking smack, thinking about stuff, drinking tea... often with guests. If you're a bit weird, like to laugh, love creative folk doing their thing, then take a seat. We made biscuits."  

All episodes: Spotify

Favourite episode: Homebody with Lucy Green