Sustainable Living Inspiration: Meet Our Sustainability Heroes

Sustainable Living Inspiration: Meet Our Sustainability Heroes

‘Sustainable living’ is a large umbrella - from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear and the car we drive... you’re not alone if you feel fatigued by the pressure to do it all. Meet four everyday Australians following their calling and mastering their respective areas of sustainable living, from ocean and rainforest conservation, to fashion & Zero Waste living.

They remind us that a movement is merely a collective of like-minded individuals, moving in the same direction.

Dr Anita Vandyke

Anita Vandyke Rocket Science


Anita is a reformed maximalist on a mission to show that living a Zero Waste lifestyle isn’t rocket science... literally, she has a Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Space! After years of chasing happiness through excess material goods, through some soul searching she converted to a minimalist, Zero Waste lifestyle. From home decor, storage, recipes & cleaning products.

“'Zero is just a number. It's a goal, nothing more. I believe we can all be every day activists and do little steps to reduce our waste” - Anita Vandyke

She began documenting her hacks on Instagram, inspiring her now 90,000+ followers, and has proudly published a book ‘A Zero Waste Life

Dr Anita Vandyke's efforts and commitment to helping everyone attainably live more sustainably is what inspires us most. She's constantly creating and building community to help leave the world a better, healthier place.


James Stanton-Cooke

Jimmy HalfCut


Better known as Jimmy HalfCut these days (hence the beard situation) James is an environmental activist focused on saving our remaining forests and plant species. The HalfCut fundraising group was born from his anguish that half the world’s forests are gone, half the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is dead, over 50% of the planet’s wildlife and plant species are extinct. James invites us to go ‘HalfCut’ annually for the month of August to raise awareness and funds to protect existing forests and replant trees.

“It’s all about creating a visual disruptor that’ll make people stop and ask, “What’s this all about?” - Jimmy HalfCut

In 2020 $359,222 was raised, protecting 143,689 m2 of the Daintree Rainforest, and the efforts to buy back this land is just getting started, with the addition of their PSS fitness challenge fundraiser over the month of March.

We're inspired by James's ability put himself and the cause in the public eye and get attention for his cause is a cut-through way. We love it! 


Jennifer Nini

Jennifer Nini Eco Warrior Princess


After studying fashion business in 2008, Jennifer had planned to start her own fashion brand... but after visiting the factories, she was shocked by the un-glamorous reality for garment workers and didn’t want to take part in the fashion industry as it was. Marrying her love of fashion with her liberal political beliefs and advocacy for social justice, in 2010 she started her blog, Eco Warrior Princess. The blog has now evolved into a media brand with 10+ contributing writers, redefining what it is to live green.

“We’re moving beyond the granola-hippie cliche and dismantling ethical elitism” - Jennifer Nini

And she doesn’t just talk the talk... the same year Eco Warrior Princess was conceived, she made the move from Melbourne to a 120-acre 100% solar powered rural property where she grows her own organic veggies, fruit and nuts!

Yes, her work is amazing. But, we love her most for her ability to inspire us to live more in tune with nature and world around us.


Tim Silverwood

Tim Silverwood

As a keen surfer, Tim witnessed first-hand the plastic pollution posed to our oceans and wildlife. He has become a fierce defender of our oceans and is committed to reducing human impact on our environment. In 2009 he co-founded not-for-profit organisation ‘Take 3 for the Sea’, a social movement and charity which challenges people to take at least three pieces of rubbish each time you leave a beach or waterway.

“YOU are the person you’ve been waiting for” - Tim Silverwood

He has now gone on to launch Ocean Impact Organisation, Australia’s first ocean impact ecosystem and startup accelerator helping people to start, grow and invest in businesses that positively impact the ocean. In 2014 Tim was awarded the Green Globe ‘Sustainability Champion’ and has even done a Tedx Talk!

Tim is a great example of those who lead from the front and a constant reminder for me to get in the water and be grateful for it :).

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