#GreenWednesday - About the new movement

Instead of using this time of year to take advantage of massive discounts on things you probably don't need, supporting companies whose goods pile into landfill, we think it's worth using your most powerful resource, you dollar, to lend a helping hand. This year, we're claiming the 27th Nov at #GreenWednesday. #GreenWednesday is the day to support companies making a positive impact.

So on Wednesday, 27th November we'll be donating all profits from Rainforest* products to help restore the Daintree Rainforest via Rainforest Rescue. 

Our Green Wednesday Goal: Plant 100 Trees. 

Beyond Green Wednesday, Tripod will be donating 1% of Profits to Rainforest Rescue.

Rainforest Rescue

Why Rainforest Rescue?

Our whole mission is focussed on restoration and supporting local communities. Rainforest Rescue is very in-line with those principles. Our compostable coffee pods are designed to be 'circular' by nature -- contributing to an organic fertiliser used by Australian farmers. So it's important that our profits also have a positive impact on restoration — helping plant trees in the Daintree.

Why the Daintree?

The Daintree is Australia’s LARGEST rainforest, arguably the most biodiverse environment on the planet. Compared to the Amazon at 55 million years, the Daintree has been living and breathing for 180 MILLION YEARS and is now under threat of being severely degraded. https://www.rainforestrescue.org.au/daintree/

How to get involved?

1. Show up on our site on Wednesday 27-Nov-2019.

2. Choose products this holiday season with sustainable 'green' values.

In summary: If you're looking for a killer discount, you won't find it here. But you will find that your coffee order goes directly towards a worthy, Australian, cause.


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