FY20/21 Rainforest Rescue Update

FY20/21 Rainforest Rescue Update

Tripod donates to Rainforest Rescue yearly as a part of our percentage of profits pledge as well as a part of our loyalty program, Green Wednesday movement, and products such as our Rainforest Collection.

The final count is in for FY 20/21. You helped us plant and care for 340 trees in the Daintree Rainforest.

What’s different about Rainforest Rescue vs other tree planting initiatives?

Founded in 1998, Rainforest Rescue’s mission is to buy back blocks of land in the Daintree and, in partnership with local Indigenous people, regenerate them into natural rainforest habitat.

This strategy of buy back and Indigenous transfer ensures maximum long-term impact. Our donations go beyond just planting trees, they help secure, restore, and maintain ancient rainforest.

These efforts lead to increasing populations of Australia’s rarest and most treasured flora and fauna such as Cassowaries and Tree Kangaroos.

Rescuing land in this fashion is important because it guarantees its security forever. This land could be sold to private companies who can do with it as they please — for example their Nightwings Property was previously a sugar cane farm.

The sale of rainforest and critical ecosystems land is unfortunately common across Australia, you see this happening in the Daintree as well as the Takayna in Tasmania.

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What’s happening today at Rainforest Rescue?

They’ve just recently rescued Lot-18 in the Daintree, their 36th property.