Five Zero Waste DIY Experts Worth Following

Five Zero Waste DIY Experts Worth Following

DIY swaps are an effective strategy to reducing your environmental footprint while maintaining the quality of life you're used to.

If you're a zero-waste DIY pro, or maybe just want to get started, here are five accounts with inspiring and actionable ideas:

1) Lauren Singer, the face behind the blog Trash is for Tossers, has loads of guides for DIY'ing products you'd normally get at the store, or even fun projects like dying your clothes?! Her Insta captions are also full of sustainable swap outs for every item you can imagine (take a look for yourself!)


2) Melbourne locals Vicky and David are the faces behind Reusable Nation, a blog dedicated to reducing and reusing as much as possible! Their Insta is filled with zero-waste tips and cool recipes; like did you know you can make a lot of things with the water from your can of chickpeas? Their website even has a map of where you can shop waste-free in Australia!


3) Curious about compost? The Worm Monger has everything you need to know about home composting, and then some! Have you been keen to give composting a try? Find pretty much everything you need to know on this page. Oh, and it's pretty! Who knew home composting could look so good.


4) Finally, to make zero-waste seem super easy and approachable, check out Anita from Rocket Science. Her house and her Instagram look amazing and it's all from a zero-waste perspective. She also has some great skin care tips... like this cleanser we can't wait to try!