Environmental & Social Responsibility Policy

Environmental & Social Responsibility Policy

One of the biggest concerns with the growth of the single-serve coffee capsule market is their environmental impact. Tripod Coffee is committed to ensuring future generations are not burdened by decisions made today that will adversely affect our environment. Tripod Coffee capsules are made of plastic and are fully recyclable in a domestic recycle bin once the thin foil film is removed.

To do this:
1: Remove the thin foil seal on top of the capsule
2: Empty the used coffee grounds from the capsules - full of nitrogen and perfect for your compost or herb garden.
3: dispose of the capsule in your domestic recycling bin.

Here is a quick instagram video to show you how easy it is!


Our suppliers are equally committed to ensuring that moving forward, our capsules, inclusive of the sealing film, are fully recyclable. They continue to commit significant research and development into bringing a high quality, fully recyclable (and potentially biodegradable) capsule to market.

Social Responsibility

Coffee beans are grown in much of the developing world and as such workers are at risk of exploitation. We are committed to ensuring all of our coffee is ethically sourced from plantations around the world.

Tripod Coffee co-founder Ed Cowan is an ambassador of Not For Sale, a modern movement to abolish slavery in our lifetime. The coffee industry is key to help fighting this cause.