Drink the perfect cup of Three Capes

Drink the perfect cup of Three Capes

We've spent the last several months trialing and enjoying this new way of drinking specialty coffee and  here are our top tips at making your perfect cup.

In capes you're wondering...Three Capes is our new Ethiopian specialty just-add-water coffee. It's specialty drip coffee, made in just a few seconds. 

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Tip 1: Measure or at least be consistent...

Our first tip is using a consistent ratio of water to coffee.

For the measurers, we recommend 1 teaspoon of coffee to 200ml of water.

If you just feel like getting out your favourite mug and grabbing a regular ole kitchen teaspoon, fill the mug to about 2/3 and take a medium scoop of beans.

Most mugs hold between 300-350 ml and most standard kitchen teaspoons can hold up to 8ml of coffee (a metric teaspoon holds 5ml)

Establishing a consistent ratio allows you to either add more coffee or water to increase or decrease the strength.

Tip 2: Try filtered water

Our second tip is filling your kettle with filtered water.

In any cooking, the adage is the higher quality ingredients in the recipe the higher quality final result. It's the same for coffee, and most tap water is filled with chemicals and impurities that hold back the full flavour of your coffee. 

Tip 3: Forget the milk

Our third tip is to drink Three Capes black (or if you really insist, with just a touch of sugar...).

While most Aussie love their flat whites and lattés, this coffee is meant to drink black. Three Capes is made from specialty Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee beans (read more about them here), so it's naturally sweet, clean, and something you'll want to savour in it's purist form.