Our Year In Sustainability (And We're Just Warming Up)

Our core mission is to eliminate coffee pod waste and regenerate the earth. We've always believed that this needs to be at the heart of every decision we make as a team and are proud that it has. Fortunately, over the years, as a complement to this mission, we've been able to serve beautiful coffee and we thank you for choosing to experience it with us.

As time has passed and our little business has grown, our relationship with "sustainability" has also evolved. This evolution came with an increase in our efforts to make the earth a less waste-filled, healthier place. In the last year, we have: 

- Launched a new and improved, 100% Australian Certified Compostable, capsule (Australia's first to be certified) 

- Increased the impact of our Pod-to-Plant™ Returns Program by 8x; resulting in the production of over 15 kilograms of high-density, nutrient-rich, fertiliser and the generation of enough electricity to brew over 18,000 pod coffees

- Made our Pod-to-Plant™ Returns Program breakeven by offering a discount of equal value when you participate in the program (when you pay $10, we discount you $10 on your next purchase)

- Facilitated Australia's only Open Source Green Bin Guide to clarify local councils' waste recycling programs. The guide clarifies if you can dispose of our pods and other food waste in your green bins or if you should be participating in Pod-to-Plant™ Returns. We also reward you for emailing your council to understand more

- Introduced a profit sharing program with Rainforest Rescue, a local Non-for-Profit, donating a percentage of our profits to restoring land in the Daintree Rainforest

- Made our shipping Carbon Neutral across Australia through a partnership with Pachama

- Created a For-Purpose Loyalty Program offering you the option to plant trees with your loyalty points

- Launched the annual Green Wednesday campaign giving all profits from one day to Rainforest Rescue. We aim to grow involvement in this initiative from other businesses to act as a alternative to Black Friday sales

We're so happy to re-iterate that the list above is just a start to achieving our mission and our plans are to continue providing better tasting, convenient coffee that helps you live a more sustainable life.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Have a wonderful day!

- Teddy, David, and Michelle