Simple tips to reducing your footprint

1. Switching to black coffee from milk coffee reduces your footprint by up to 80-90%

2. Switching to a plant-based milk reduces your footprint by 60-70%

3. Switching to Tripod's certified compostable pods from aluminium pods reduces your footprint by nearly 60%

4. Drink less coffee....not a popular option but is an easy way to reduce your impact. We've heard water is a pretty good alternative ;)

5. Adding a Carbon Offset (offered at checkout) can turn your coffee habit carbon negative; a positive for the planet

Our Starter Pack is the easiest way for you to start using compostable pods and find your favourite flavours.


What your carbon footprint means for climate change:

A carbon footprint is the best estimate we can have to understanding the full impact of "something" on climate change. CO2 (or Carbon Dioxide) is the primary greenhouse gas causing the earth to become warmer (ie. Global Warming). Thick blankets of CO2 in the atmosphere trap the heat from the sun, warming the planet. So the more CO2, the warmer the planet becomes. Currently, we're at the highest CO2 levels recorded in the last 3 million years of earth's history and nearly double what we were in 1950.

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Live a carbon neutral life

Carbon Click gives you the opportunity to calculate and offset the environmental impact of your life. Check it out here