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    Australia's most sustainable coffee pods & 'Just Add Water' specialty coffee.

    Besides offering delicious coffees, we do other things most companies don't; like obsessing over composting used coffee pods into nutrient-rich fertiliser, and using our profits to plant trees in the Daintree Rainforest.

    Coffee pods are Nespresso® Compatible and 100% Australian Certified Compostable.

    Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

    Any coffee lover will agree that a cup of high-quality coffee is a pleasure everyone should be able to enjoy every day without breaking the bank or costing the earth! With our Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules, you can enjoy delicious espresso coffee at an affordable price. Our 100% plant-based coffee pods, from shell to lid, are also easily compostable.

    Delicious Coffee Capsules Compatible with Nespresso Machines

    Tripod coffee capsules are designed to work seamlessly with your Nespresso Original machines. Our Nespresso-compatible coffee pods will give you the perfect espresso blend with a wide selection of flavours and strengths to choose from. We bring the rich Australian cafe taste to the convenience of your home! Please note that our coffee capsules don't work with Nespresso Vertuo, flat disc Nespresso commercial, Caffitaly, or Aldi coffee pod machines. Enjoy your favourite coffee style with our Nespresso-compatible capsules now!

    Rich Flavours, Strong Coffee Strength

    Our coffee beans are sourced globally to bring you the best coffee from around the world, conveniently delivered to your door. The coffee beans are roasted and packed by an award-winning roaster in Sydney to bring you a delicious, high-quality coffee experience.

    We bring to you a curated coffee pod collection with different flavours, from our popular Blue Swell to Organic Green Canopy blend. You can also choose the coffee strength of your capsules to make the perfect cup.

    Be a Zero Waste Champion

    At Tripod, we are committed to the environment. Our coffee capsules, compatible with Nespresso machines in Australia, are made with 100% natural materials and certified Home Compostable.

    With our Pod to Plant closed loop process, you can return the pods to be decomposed for fertilizer and green electricity at no cost or simply decompose the pods yourself. Despite the compostability, our Nespresso-compatible pods remain 100% airtight and last up to 12 months on the shelf.

    Our coffee capsules can also be disposed of in any green bin that takes food scraps and compostable packaging.

    Choose sustainable coffee drinking with Tripod’s delicious coffee capsules!

    Buy Your Coffee Capsules with Ease

    To enjoy our Nespresso compatible coffee capsules from anywhere in the world, simply order online. You can also save 10% with our convenient coffee pod subscriptions.

    Being proudly Australia-based, we offer fast delivery across Australia with free shipping for orders above $75.

    You can track your order, and we have great customer service to help you.

    Order your Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules today!