Three Capes Blend: The Origin Story

Three Capes Blend: The Origin Story

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Since 2014, Tripod Coffee has focussed on creating Australia's most sustainably delicious coffee pods and we plan on continuing to do so (with a big announcement coming in a few months...spoiler alert). 

As of today, we're introducing a new type of coffee to Australia; 'Just Add Water' specialty-grade coffee.

The launch is a new direction from our roots in coffee pods but very much tracking the same path we started over six years ago: offering delicious, convenient, and responsible coffee.

Deliciousness: world's highest quality beans from small Ethiopian farmers
Convenience: Just add water, no machines necessary

Conscious: Farmers paid above Fair Trade prices

Three Capes Blend


What's with the name Three Capes Blend?

Many don't know this but Tripod Coffee was founded in Tasmania. Our founders Ed Cowan and Steve Cazzulino, were deeply inspired by Tassie's magnificent landscapes as well as the peoples' deep responsibly toward protecting it. 

Three Cape Imagery
Credit: 3 Capes Walk


When naming this blend, I asked Ed, if he could go hiking anywhere in the world right now, where would he go? His next second answer was the Three Capes Track, Tasmania. So we decided that this coffee that has truly inspired us deserves a name from one of natures true beauties that provides an equal amount of inspiration.

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We hope you enjoy!
The Tripod Coffee Team

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