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Donna Hay and Tripod Coffee

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We have been thrilled to be featured in the news recently.

Firstly it was one of our culinary heroes in Donna Hay who made the switch to Tripod that made us a little bit giggly with excitement!

Then, days later, we noticed a little plug in the Guardian, which can be found here

We are always thrilled that people love our little business enough to become advocates. Which reminds me... don't forget our refer a friend offer that is part of the Tripod Perks loyalty program.


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Decaf is here! Introducing the White Nightcap!

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Decaf. We know what you're thinking.

You've heard the jokes, you've seen the memes, you've watched the barista groan as they are forced to change the grinder from the single-origin Guatemalan number they've been cupping that day to the 'non-coffee' coffee that's been sitting sadly in a tin for the past week #deathtodecaf. Your friends joke about it. You're fully aware that even considering decaffeinated coffee would see you ostracised from the friendship circle (we try not think about Jennifer anymore).

The stigma is so ingrained that you'd just as soon lie awake until all hours of the night after having that afternoon cup you think it is probably too late for. You know because you've been there. I've been there. We've all been there. It was too late!

Today, all this changes. Today, we step boldly into a new world where decaf takes its rightful place as a genuine alternative to your 10am go-to.

Introducing the White Nightcap - the most delicious non-coffee coffee ever to be housed in a pod!* 

Using the Swiss Water Process (no chemicals), we've developed a decaffeinated coffee that provides the subtlest sweet hint of spice and a light citrus acidity upfront, but leaves delightful chocolate notes on the palate. A decaf so bold that it leaves all other pathetic excuses for non-caffeinated hot beverages in its wake. A strong, full bodied coffee that can be consumed day or night, pre or post nap, with milk or without. Free from judgement, free from caffeine.

*our opinion, obviously, but it really is super delicious. Available only in our compostable range. 
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We have a full house

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Following on from our recent news post in regards to production, we are pleased to let you know we now have a 'full house'. That is not only availability of all coffee in our recyclable range, but also the release of both Gold Sombrero and Red Fedora in the compostable range. A coffee for everyone! 

This will mean there will be some changes to the Family (and Sample) packs, so be sure to check the website product description before ordering.

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New Coffee Release: Purple Hatter - Our Strongest Blend Yet

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We are beyond excited to introduce our newest coffee to (temporarily) join the family! 

Our strongest coffee yet, The Purple Hatter is an eccentric blend that exhibits all the qualities of high grade Indian Arabica - peppery spice with notes of cardamom, nutmeg and clove. A little 'mad', it is the perfect addition to your next 'tea party'.

Made with the finest Arabica beans, the Purple Hatter is a small-batch roast that is strictly on a limited edition release due to the scarcity of the beans. We've been hard at work perfecting for some time now and we really hope you like it! Get it before it's gone!

Purple Hatter is available in both the compostable and recyclable range
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Better value Family Packs - exciting new changes!

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Here are few changes to our Family Packs that is important information for all Tripod Coffee lovers:


We have been fielding daily emails asking for a compostable family pack, and finally it is here. The Compostable Family Pack has 6 boxes of each of the four coffee blends available in the new compostable capsule (Blue, Grey, Black and Green). It represents amazing value - 240 coffee capsules for $120 (including free shipping). You may as well save money while saving the planet.


Our existing Family Pack (recyclable capsule) has been reformed to create better value.

Instead of 4 boxes of each of our coffees, we have increased this to 6 to be in line with the new compostable offering. The good news is that this has allowed us to reduce the price per capsule to you (now 45c/capsule)! You will now save over 20% off RRP when you buy the whole family, and with 300 capsules for just $135, it will be hard to find better value.  

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