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News and Information on Tripod Coffee

  • Responsible Recipes: The Affogato

    Treat yourself with an Affogato coffee dessert, a classic Italian after-meal indulgence. Hot, cold, silky and rich - with our without the booze OR caffeine kick… find out how!
  • Responsible Recipes: The Dirty Chai Latte

    Meet your new afternoon pick-me-up, the humble chai latté with the addition of coffee will give you that extra omph!

    👀 CLUE:  In this article

  • Understanding your coffee carbon footprint

    We've done the hard work at surfacing a coffee carbon footprint calculator to help you reduce your coffee habit's impact on climate change — here are the details of how we approached the challenge.
  • Responsible Recipes: The Sparkling Americano

    Sparkling water and coffee? Who would have thought these ingredients, with a twist of orange, would make an absolutely delicious coffee mock-tail?! Get the recipe here.
  • The Story of Colombian Coffee

    Colombian Coffee is not just rich in flavour, but rich in history dating back to the 17th Century - from Jesuit Priests to fictional farming icons.

    They're the second most biodiverse country on Earth making for a huge spectrum of well-balanced flavours from across 19 different growing regions, and today is the third largest grower of the highest quality coffee in the world, providing 80,000 local jobs.
  • How to celebrate International Women's Day over your morning coffee

    Today is an opportunity to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and also to raise awareness of continued inequality. We’re committed to continually listening and learning, so we’re sharing 5 simple ways to blend a International Women's Day celebration into your daily coffee ritual.
  • Sustainable Living Inspiration: Meet Our Sustainability Heroes

    ‘Sustainable living’ is a large umbrella and you’re not alone if you feel fatigued by the pressure to do it all. Here are 4 everyday Australian’s who that remind us that a movement is merely a collective of like-minded individuals, moving in the same direction.
  • Rating of 'compostable' coffee pods and breaking down their sustainability claims

    Making the right choice for the planet isn't always simple. When you're shopping for coffee, many companies make many different claims of being 'pl...
  • What Are 'Circular Economy' Coffee Pods?

    “We see a world of abundance, not limits. In the midst of a great deal of talk about reducing the human ecological footprint, we offer a different ...
  • Five Podcasts That Inspire Sustainable Living

    If you're after sustainability inspiration, here are 5 podcasts (plus one additional, slightly off topic recommendation) on sustainability that we'...
  • Our Year In Sustainability (And We're Just Warming Up)

    Our core mission is to eliminate coffee pod waste and regenerate the earth. We've always believed that this needs to be at the heart of every decis...
  • Broadsheet Article: Tripod Coffee Is Reducing the Environmental Impact of Pod Coffee, One Compostable Capsule at a Time

    We were thrilled to be featured in culture Bible Boradsheet recently who had some very nice things to say about us. Click the link to read the arti...