How an opening partnership became a business partnership

Our founding partners – Ed Cowan and Steve Cazzulino – two cricketers and mates, first met while opening the batting together for Tasmania. Long weeks on tour, countless hours in the sheds and in the field gave them ample time to create and refine the Tripod Coffee brand.

Importantly, the guys started with an extremely simple premise:

To make coffee that we wanted to drink.

A better cup of coffee delivered via capsules that are fully compatible with your current Nespresso® machine. Stronger, richer coffee with a velvety crema that would make a trained barista in a premium café proud. Derived from the world’s best coffee beans. Regardless of where they grow. Sourced and traded fairly before being flown back to Australia to be roasted by local artisans.

And so Tripod Coffee was born. Giving the world a genuinely great coffee made by specialists who love coffee. (Rather than a large corporation that also makes breakfast cereal, lollies and pet food.)


 To say Ed’s focused on the Tripod Coffee business and our customers is an understatement. His mates in the NSW Blues cricket team reckon it’s the reason he scores so slowly and regularly runs out his batting partners. But seriously, our Ed is a bit of an overachiever. He’s played 18 Tests for Australia, holds a Masters Degree in Applied Finance and still finds time to be a loving husband and father. As for his coffee tastes, he’s a Red Fedora man through and through, drinking it like his whiskey - straight up.


Steve’s currently attempting to break his own Tripod Coffee record for consecutive ‘Employee of the Month’ awards. No wonder. He’s never afraid to step up and fulfil any duty required: Business Analyst, Sales Director, Head of Marketing and Janitor. Like Ed, Steve formerly made a living as an opening batsmen. Only with fewer shots and an even stronger penchant for running out his batting partners. Usually Ed. While playing Shield cricket for the Apple Isle, Steve completed a bachelor of Business from the University of Tasmania. He drinks 4 Blue Berets a day but swears he’ll cut down, one day.