Small Business Solutions

Receive a free Nespresso® machine for your business
You can’t enjoy the magic of Tripod Coffee without a Nespresso® machine.
That’s why we’ll happily provide your business with a machine of your own when you subscribe to any of our business packages. A minimum order of just 250 capsules per month will get you started and fill your clients and your staff with delight.


The Pixie Package

Ideal for small offices and workplaces with around 6-8 staff. Comes with 250 assorted Tripod capsules every month for just $125/month. 

Got a bigger office? Get in touch to learn how we can service your needs.


How better coffee can $ave your business big money

Did you know coffee breaks cost Australian business over $11-billion a year?
Not surprising when you realise that each time your staff go out for a decent coffee, it takes an average of 15 minutes. A couple of these breaks per person per day could be costing your business a fortune.
So it makes great financial sense to look into a Tripod Coffee solution for your business.
Just drop us a line here (or give Steve a call) and we’ll work through the best solution for your workplace.