Press release - Australia's First Compostable Capsule

Press release - Australia's First Compostable Capsule

Tripod Announces Australia’s First Certified Compostable Coffee Capsule

After working towards it for over 18 months, Tripod have perfected a coffee pod that you can throw straight into your GREEN BIN after use.

Called the “Green Gatsby”, the latest Tripod Coffee variant breaks down in an industrial composting facility and returns to the earth in just 90 days.

These fully compostable capsules are made of a bio polymer with a paper lid so they are fully biodegradable, while the nitrogen-rich coffee grounds actually act like a fertilizer.

So it’s not just the drinker who gets a buzz.

No more landfill problems

Last year, Australians spent $215 million on coffee pods. Equating to more than 3 million capsules daily.

Enough to fill one Olympic size swimming pools every, single week.

Tripod has always maintained that a coffee could not be considered ‘great’ unless it was great for the environment as well. Thus, the relentless pursuit of this green capsule.

Tripod vs. Nespresso

In the green corner, Tripod’s new capsules can be used then popped straight into your green waste with your leaves and grass clippings. That’s it. Nature does the rest.

While in the red corner, Nespresso® capsules have to be brought back into the store to be ‘recycled’. A process that entails transporting the aluminum capsules away to be shredded, rinsing the coffee away with heated water, burning off the varnish from the capsules before, finally re-smelting the aluminium again. That’s a lot of resources, effort, energy in order to recycle.

And what of the coffee?

Tripod’s new ‘Green Gatsby’ coffee is an ethically sourced, certified organic coffee grown in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and roasted by artisans back here in Sydney.

It delivers a beautiful, velvety crema and provides deep notes of plum, chocolate and honey on the palette balanced by a slight volcanic acidity on the finish.

If you love your coffee – and your planet – you’ll really love this certified organic roast.