Is coffee healthy? Learn about the health benefits of your daily coffee

Is coffee healthy? Learn about the health benefits of your daily coffee


We have good news! Did you know that your morning coffee can actually be a healthy start to your day?

Coffee is a naturally occurring plant, meaning it’s basically salad. Just kidding, we wish! But research has shown that a moderate intake of coffee can provide all sorts of health benefits (cool). Besides taking you from zombie to functioning person, coffee does lots of other fun things behind the scenes. Like...

Coffee contains some pretty special nutrients

Brewed coffee is plentiful in B vitamins, which converts carbohydrates into fuel and gives you energy. It also features magnesium, which is basically nature’s super mineral. It’s involved in everything from helping with insulin resistance to boosting your mood. You’ll also find heaps of antioxidants which can reduce inflammation and keep your insides healthy and balanced. Speaking of which...

Coffee can help prevent disease

From type 2 diabetes to heart disease… coffee is shown to miraculously reduces  the risk of loads of ailments. In fact, according to Johns Hopkins, the results of multiple studies found that coffee drinkers actually had LESS risk of heart disease and stroke compared to non-coffee drinkers, even over other caffeinated beverages like tea and soda. Even decaffeinated coffee carries heart-healthy bennies - there’s just something good about that bean juice.

Coffee is a natural mood booster

Last but not least, we can’t forget about caffeine - the substance that magically (and quickly) makes you better at your job. In moderate amounts (about 50-300mg), caffeine is an active memory improver, fatigue reducer, and brain helper. If you’ve ever suddenly felt more giddy after your first sip of coffee, that’s not just your imagination - caffeine has been recognised as having actual antidepressant qualities. 


The disclaimer

Although loads of good things can come from drinking coffee, coffee and/or caffeine might not be for everyone! Sometimes coffee can make people anxious, jittery, or have trouble sleeping - make sure you're listening to your body and do what feels good for you! 


In summary

Rest easy (or get pumped for the day) knowing that you’re taking care of yourself in more ways than one with that morning cuppa. We’ll cheers to that!

Ps. Here are some of the sources for this article:

*Harvard School of Public Health

^Hopkins Medicine

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