Pod to Plant Closed Loop Process

2021 Pod-to-Plant™ stat: Over 3,260 kgs of coffee composted into fertiliser and electricity. 

What is Pod-to-Plant™?

In an Australian first (perhaps the world), Tripod Coffee is proud to offer something truly revolutionary – a closed loop used pods collection system to eradicate the growing environmental problem.

We call it Pod-to-Plant™


By adding a Pod-to-Plant™ Returns Pack to your order, you'll have everything you need to easily send your used pods back to us for composting.

Our process converts used pods into green electricity as well as fertiliser, which is on-sold to farmers like Mal Morgan (featured above).

To participate, Add the Returns Pack to your cart.

If you would prefer to return the pods yourself, you can drop the used capsules off to your local post office yourself. Just send them to the following address:

Tripod Coffee
1 / 12 Fraser Road, 
Northgate, Qld 4013


Want even more detail on how it works? 
We use anaerobic digestion technology to breakdown our pod in a mix of other organic material to create a nutrient-rich fertiliser, as well as a combustible gas (similar to natural gas). The process converts the gas into electricity for the grid.

This process achieves the highest environmental sustainable use of food waste and most favourable environmental outcomes by way of production of green energy, while also producing organic fertiliser for local agriculture businesses, reducing the need of synthetic fertilisers.