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Pod to Plant: Our Closed Loop Process

In an Australian first (perhaps the world), Tripod Coffee is proud to offer something truly revolutionary – a closed loop used pods collection system. 

We're eradicating the growing environmental problem of coffee capsules by ensuring our capsules convert into energy and organic fertiliser.

Others may claim that their capsules can be "recycled" -  to do this to both plastic or aluminium capsules consumes a helluva lot of energy. We think less of our process as re-cycling, and more as new-cycling. 

Working closely with Australia’s first food waste-to-energy facility (located in Sydney's Outer West), we are pioneering change within the coffee capsule industry

Our pods can now be processed into a source of green energy after use, as well as taking on a second life as fertiliser that is on-sold into the agriculture and horticultural markets.

To participate, simply add a Replied Paid Label to your cart.

Here's my Pod-to-Plant™ set-up.

Still interested? Here's how the Pod-to-Plant program works:

The facility uses anaerobic digestion technology to convert our capsules into a combustible gas similar to natural gas. The digester gas is then recovered and used as a renewable fuel source in cogeneration engines to produce green electricity. This process achieves the highest environmental sustainable use of food waste and most favourable environmental outcomes by way of production of green energy, while also producing organic fertiliser for local agriculture businesses, reducing the need of synthetic fertilisers. 

How you can help:

Once you have finished enjoying your Tripod Coffee capsules, it’s then time to put them to work. By purchasing a Reply Paid label with your order, we’ll add a return sticker in your order that you can add to the box to be sent back to us. We’ll also include a compostable bag to ensure the pods don’t leak on the journey back.

We have tried to make to make the process as simple and cost effective as possible (and will continue to do so), but if you would prefer to return the pods yourself, you can drop the used capsules off to your local post office yourself. Just send them to the following address:

Tripod Coffee
Unit 9, 100 Belmore Road, 
Riverwood, NSW 2210

Experience the Tripod Coffee Closed Loop Process