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AFR article - " Former cricketer Ed Cowan pitches biodegradable coffee pods with his firm Tripod

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Former Australian cricketer Ed Cowan has taken a different tack to the big producers when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of coffee capsules - his local coffee company has a compostable and biodegradable pod.

It's the latest development in the backlash against the environmental impact of the pods, which last year prompted Nespresso to partner with Australia Post to beef up its capsule recycling program, giving customers the opportunity to return capsules to more drop-off points.

Cowan, who started coffee capsule company Tripod Coffee three years ago and has sold more than 1 million capsules in the  past two years, says his pods - which are imported from Belgium - will dissolve after 90 days in a commercial compost environment.

Australians consume more than 3 million coffee pods each day, estimates Tripod. Biodegradable options are on the market, but Cowan says compostable products are far easier to break down in the commercial recycling system and, over time, the pods will break down naturally in landfill.

"This is why we started, basically - we were sick of buying capsules knowing the environmental impact," he said, noting Tripod is the country's first certified compostable coffee capsule.

"Even with a recycling program for aluminium pods you have to shred the aluminum, rinse the coffee out, re-smelt the aluminium... it's ridiculous."

Councils lack composters

Planet Ark head of campaigns Brad Gray says there is a growing trend towards biodegradable and compostable pods, but points out that not all councils have commercial composting facilities.

"There is an awareness with some people within the industry who want to look at less impactful alternatives for the environment," he said. "Compostable presents something of an answer to that.

"The issue with them is that unless they go into a commercial composter they don't compost... most councils don't have a commercial composter."

Mr Gray said the most damaging pods were those that were plastic, or a combination of aluminium and plastic, which he said included Aldi's brand of capsules.

Globally, the coffee capsule market is estimated to be worth $17 billion. In 2015, Nespresso, a coffee business within Nestle, controlled 83 per cent of the fresh ground coffee capsule market, according to market researcher Euromonitor International.

In Australia, Lavazza is the second biggest coffee brand behind Vittoria and is sold in Woolworths, Coles, Metcash and Costco supermarkets. In 2015, Lavazza bought back the Australian business from the Valmorbida family, which introduced the brand to Australians in the 1970s.

Tripod sources beans worldwide, and roasts and packs them in Sydney.

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Press release - Australia's First Compostable Capsule

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Tripod Announces Australia’s First Certified Compostable Coffee Capsule

After working towards it for over 18 months, Tripod have perfected a coffee pod that you can throw straight into your GREEN BIN after use.

Called the “Green Gatsby”, the latest Tripod Coffee variant breaks down in an industrial composting facility and returns to the earth in just 90 days.

These fully compostable capsules are made of a bio polymer with a paper lid so they are fully biodegradable, while the nitrogen-rich coffee grounds actually act like a fertilizer.

So it’s not just the drinker who gets a buzz.

No more landfill problems

Last year, Australians spent $215 million on coffee pods. Equating to more than 3 million capsules daily.

Enough to fill one Olympic size swimming pools every, single week.

Tripod has always maintained that a coffee could not be considered ‘great’ unless it was great for the environment as well. Thus, the relentless pursuit of this green capsule.

Tripod vs. Nespresso

In the green corner, Tripod’s new capsules can be used then popped straight into your green waste with your leaves and grass clippings. That’s it. Nature does the rest.

While in the red corner, Nespresso® capsules have to be brought back into the store to be ‘recycled’. A process that entails transporting the aluminum capsules away to be shredded, rinsing the coffee away with heated water, burning off the varnish from the capsules before, finally re-smelting the aluminium again. That’s a lot of resources, effort, energy in order to recycle.

And what of the coffee?

Tripod’s new ‘Green Gatsby’ coffee is an ethically sourced, certified organic coffee grown in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and roasted by artisans back here in Sydney.

It delivers a beautiful, velvety crema and provides deep notes of plum, chocolate and honey on the palette balanced by a slight volcanic acidity on the finish.

If you love your coffee – and your planet – you’ll really love this certified organic roast.


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Decaf Now Available in Recyclable Capsules

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Finally some respite for the caffeine conscious among us. We have finally released our decaf Columbian coffee to the retail market, having previously only sold it to our 5 star hotel clients.

Our decaf has been through a swiss water process to ensure 99.9% of all caffeine traces has been removed. 

Don't let the packaging fool you - this decaf might come in a Red Fedora box - but it has a lot more kick than our flagship African blend. This Columbian coffee provides a sweet hint of spice and light citrus acidity upfront, but leaves delightful chocolate notes on the palate. 

10 Nespresso® compatible capsules in each pack.

STRENGTH: 4 hats out of 5


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No green council bin? Here is a list of composting facilities in Australia

Posted by Robert Onley on

With the release of the conveniently green "Green Gatsby" in our new compostable capsule, Tripod drinkers can now enjoy their cup of coffee at home completely guilt free. 

By disposing of the used capsule sin your green garden bin, it will be industrailly composted and broken down in 90 days. Amazing we know. 

But what if your local council does't have a green collection bin? Not to fear, here is a link to the all the industrial composting facilites in Australia. 


At the very worst, the capsules are biodegradable and will break down in landfill, but we think making the effort to dispose of them appropriately is a little effort for a huge reward - the health of our planet

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Tripod Coffee x Sesion Tequila

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This month we are partnering with Sesion Tequila (the finest award winning tequila made from 100% blue agave) to bring their amazing espresso martinis to life across various Vintage Cellars sites. Keep your eyes peeled for a sample!


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