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The Story of Colombian Coffee

Colombia produces some of the world’s best coffee. A little known fact, Colombia hosts close to 10% of the planet's biodiversity, making it one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. This diversity creates a range of flavours and very high quality coffee beans.

We use Colombian coffee beans exclusively in our Gold Sunrise blend. We’ve formulated our blend to bring out the flavours of smooth maple syrup, berry, and a touch of citrus.


 Colombia is bisected by the Andes Mountains which splits into three parallel cordilleras (mountain ranges) as they run south to north.

 Colombia has 19 identified growing regions that produce 11.5 million 60 kg bags of coffee every year — that puts it in the top three growers behind Brazil and Vietnam.

Each region has a slightly different flavour profile. Here are some of the main flavour profiles found in Colombian coffee:
Northern - Traces of chocolate and nut flavour. Less acidity, more body.
Central - Herbal and fruity tasting.
Southern - Stronger hints of acidity and citrus.

This means you’re sure to find a coffee suited to your taste — from rounder and heavier to vibrant and fruity, to everything in between.

“Colombia's mountainous terrain, balmy climate, and ideal rainfall amount give it one of the best coffee-growing geographies in the world.”


Coffee seeds from Venezuela are believed to be the first to be brought to Colombia in the 1700s by Jesuit priests, arriving with Spanish settlers. From here, coffee began to be grown on family farms in the northeast.

Over the decades to follow, plantations started thriving thanks to highly volcanic soil and high altitudes (which coffee trees love). Some 200 years post conception, Colombia saw coffee become 50% of the country's total exports by 1912.


Jesuit Priest (left) Juan Valdez® (right)


Fast forward to 1959 and the fictional coffee farmer Juan Valdez® was born. Designed by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation to represent the growers and their traditions, he quickly became the face of Colombian coffee (along with his side-kick mule, of course). By 2002 the icon was placed on all products and a number of coffee stores as an indicator of where to enjoy an authentic Colombian coffee experience. Testament to the world’s love of Colombian Coffee, In 2005, Advertising Week in New York named Juan Valdez the fifth-most-recognised icon in the world.



“Coffee is to Colombia what corn is to the U.S. Except their commodity is hand-picked and makes people happy” - Mike Wilson
Not only is coffee growing a tradition that has been passed through the generations, but it’s the largest source of rural employment in the country, providing an estimated 800,000 jobs. For Colombians, coffee is not just a job, but an integral part of their identity. They pride themselves on harvesting the most premium coffee beans in the world.

The coffee trees in Colombia yield two harvests each year, the main harvest and the second harvest known as 'Mitaca'. The high altitude across the Colombian Andes means high-quality Arabica beans that are then processed naturally from primarily small family-run farms.



Gold Sunrise is Tripod Coffee’s single-origin Colombian Nespresso® compatible coffee pod. It's made with some of Colombia's finest arabica beans and formulated to bring out the flavours of smooth maple syrup, berry, and citrus. Oh and don't forget the feeling of happiness and responsibility from using a 100% certified compostable pod.