5 quick tips for a more sustainable workplace

5 quick tips for a more sustainable workplace

The journey to creating a sustainable office doesn't have to be complicated, and it certainly doesn't have to be expensive. So here are our quick, easy, tips to operating a more  sustainable office.

Top-5 Eco Office Tips:

Eco Tip 1. Switch from aluminium to compostable coffee pods (Tripod of course!)
With Tripod offering certified compostable pods for $0.62 a pod, it's hard to say no to this strategy for cutting your landfill contribution. Add in our Pod-to-Plant™ program, and your drinking habits create fertiliser for Aussie farmers.

Eco Tip 2. Start engaging in organics waste recycling (we recommend ORG) 
Instead of donating your team's leftover lunches to the red landfill bin, you can implement organic waste recycling for as little as $20 a month. 

Eco Tip 3. Get involved in a team clean up
Clean-Up Australia day is an easy team offsite. It connects your team to each other and environment; everyone feels good doing good, and when a team does it together, it creates bonds deeper than the office. Or just find a local park and go as a team to pinch a couple of littered ciggy-butts.

Eco Tip 4. Community reusable takeaway containers and coffee mugs
Offering a collection of reusable takeaway containers and keep-cups is an easy way to cut lunch time and coffee run waste. If your office won't foot the bill, create a community deposit system by asking employees to contribute a $20 deposit or simply bring in their takeaway containers for community use. Asking for your favourite lunchtime salad in self-brought takeaway is only awkward once. ;)

Eco Tip 5. Be a soft plastics recycling epicentre
Recycling soft plastics can be one of the simplest things you can do to reduce landfill. Most people don't know what 'soft plastics' are, yet alone that they can't be recycled like the other 'hard plastics'. Soft plastics are essentially any plastic that you can crinkle in your hands; most commonly, plastic bags. They can be recycled properly at most Coles or Woolies.

Bonus Tip: if your office drinks beer, switch to a keg vs cans and bottles!