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Better value Family Packs - exciting new changes!

Posted by Tripod Coffee on

Here are few changes to our Family Packs that is important information for all Tripod Coffee lovers:


We have been fielding daily emails asking for a compostable family pack, and finally it is here. The Compostable Family Pack has 6 boxes of each of the four coffee blends available in the new compostable capsule (Blue, Grey, Black and Green). It represents amazing value - 240 coffee capsules for $120 (including free shipping). You may as well save money while saving the planet.


Our existing Family Pack (recyclable capsule) has been reformed to create better value.

Instead of 4 boxes of each of our coffees, we have increased this to 6 to be in line with the new compostable offering. The good news is that this has allowed us to reduce the price per capsule to you (now 45c/capsule)! You will now save over 20% off RRP when you buy the whole family, and with 300 capsules for just $135, it will be hard to find better value.  

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